"The Jewel of Southern Utah"

Founded in 1994, the Choir continues to expand its celebrated history. From their beginnings in the St. George Tabernacle, the Choir continues to maintain a rigorous performance schedule with annual spring, fall, patriotic, and Christmas concerts, firesides at the St. George Tabernacle and many community events. Providing a rich blend of mature and youthful voices, the choir continues to provide a standard of musical excellence to local, regional and international audiences.

In addition to their regular performance schedule, the Choir has toured extensively, performing in the United States, Europe, the British Isles, Mexico, and Asia. Pre Covid, they returned from a wonderful performance tour to Italy, which included concerts at the Rome Temple grounds, St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican City in Rome and many other churches in Italy. 

The Choir has instituted a vocal scholarship program for talented students who want to develop their education in the field of music-based endeavors.  

Members of the Choir are volunteers who pay their own expenses and give freely of their time for rehearsals and performances while serving on the various committees for choir management. The Choir enjoys performing a comprehensive repertoire of delightful and spiritual music to inspire and improve the quality of life through music.